Knitting: keeping women down or road to romance?

sometimes half finished is the whole story

Discovering the potential fun and flirtation of a half-finished sock.

It took me a long time to knit my first pair of socks. I grew up watching my mother knit endless pairs of wool work socks for my Dad. For years I listened to my Dad’s complaints. He hated knitting. He hated the sound of needles clacking. And more than that, he hated the complacent look on women’s faces as they knit their lives away instead of rising up and taking their rightful places in the world. My mother taught me to knit, but I didn’t  start knitting until after I left home. And I didn’t make my first pair of socks until my niece gave me a sock kit for Christmas.

bit of sock glamor

That’s when the memories came back. There I was learning to turn my first heel and measuring the length of the foot. That’s when I remembered Mom putting the half finished sock on Dad’s foot. I remember how he giggled. It tickled. He actually giggled. She giggled back. Those two old farts, giggling together over half-finished socks. Now I know why she kept on knitting with that complacent look on her face, totally ignoring his complaints for all those years. Thanks to my niece for this gift.

romantic socks?


This dog understands english: He is part Labrador Retriever and part “big white dog”. He is 14 years old and has been with me since he was 3 months old.

These are his nouns; Moose (that’s his name), Treat, Kitchen, Supper, Toy, Ball, Stick, Bed,Penguin (a hand puppet not a real penguin), Car, also the names of around 5 people that he sees most often.

These are his verbs: Go, Walk, Wait, Stay, Sit, Lie Down, Car Ride, Get, Stop, Pee (as in urine), Dump (as in feces), Bring

You can combine different nouns and verbs and he will know what you are talking about, but he doesn’t really pay attention to adjectives, adverbs, or participles. It works best if you give the nouns or verbs excitement and character with the tone of your voice rather than additional words.

He speaks back with body language. He does not like to wear clothes.

Doggy Dictionary