Storm Cloud Scarf: An Idea in Your Hands to Wear Around Your Neck

giving shape and structure to an idea

The notion of giving shape and structure to an idea is so compelling that I had to make this stormy, deep convection cloud scarf not once but twice. It’s a hyperbolic plane made by regular increases in each row.

It felt like creating the dimensions of a cloud. Stitch by stitch it moved through my fingers gradually getting bigger and more complex until finally the texture changed as I added the rain droplet beads on the last row.

thinking about representations of heads and clouds

Made me think about the power of storm clouds.  It’s power that comes from teeny, tiny things, invisible to the naked eye, playing out a story that we can only see through the lenses of our instruments.

I hold this idea of a cloud in my hands and through it I feel intuitively connected to actual clouds that are both too small and too large for me to really grasp.

storm cloud on a scale I can handle